About Us

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Spears and I’d like to thank you for taking a few moments to learn a little more about me and why I’ve started up my own Mike Chang website. I honestly consider myself to be Mike Chang’s number one fan. He’s changed my life so much, just as I know he’s changed the lives of so many others out there.

The way I see it, Mike and I have a lot in common – not just out first names, either. Ever since I was in high school, I’ve always wished I had a better body. I saw the football jocks with their six-pack abs (well, maybe not the linemen), I watched the girls drool over them. I wasn’t what you would call bad looking or fat, just… frumpy. I had that gut that wouldn’t go away, and the term muscle definition was far from any description of my body type.

Obvious question: Why didn’t I just join the football team? It would make sense that I could look like them if I did what they did, right? Well I tried that, and it didn’t work. You see, I enjoy sports and athletic activities as much as the next guy; I’m just not coordinated enough for any coach put me on a roster. So sports were out. I tried the gym, I tried dieting, I bought more than one ab-busting mechanism off the Home Shopping Network. I just never got the results I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a will-power deficient person, but I do like good food and every diet/exercise program I’ve tried was either so harsh that I had to give up the enjoyment of living, or it was one of those ‘quick fix’ programs that work for the first couple of weeks, then you end up right back where you were, if not a little worse. I’ve done my research – those latter programs are terrible for the body.

I found Mike Chang’s YouTube channel through one of those ‘funniest youtube video’ sites late one night when I was bored (and waiting for my jalapeno cheese chicken poppers to finish cooking). I was skeptical at first. How could such a funny video be serious? I literally thought it was a joke. But being sufficiently entertained, and having another 8 minutes left before my midnight snack was ready, I decided to check out more of Mike’s videos.

Before long, I found myself on the Mike Chang Fitness website, reading all about his “Six Pack Shortcuts” system. Having been scammed enough times, I delved further. I looked up reviews of his product, read forums discussing its effectiveness, and I honestly could not find one person who had tried Chang’s fitness program that said it didn’t work.

That was enough for me. I clicked my way back to Mike Chang’s website and made the best investment of my life. The program pushes you, but not to any limit the average person can’t reach. His “afterburn effect” is like nothing I’ve ever experienced or even heard of before, and it really does work, without putting you in the intensive care unit, or leaving you on the couch for three days simply because your muscles are so sore you can’t get up. Best of all, the slow approach to dietary life changes was something I could actually follow, and maintain after completing the program.

So here I am, Mike Spears, in the best shape of my life for two years and counting. I’m happy, I feel good, I’m totally ripped, and I have the six pack abs I always wanted. I love you, Mike Chang (in a totally heterosexual kind of way!)