How To Get a 6 Pack Fast

There are plenty of diet and fitness programs out there that claim to give you the six pack abs you always wanted. Some of them might even say the results are super quick, but only Mike Chang’s Sixpack Shortcuts has provided many of its devotees, like myself, with a fully developed six pack in just 12 weeks. If you want to know how to get a six pack fast, there are some key ingredients to the formula. Below I’ve listed five of Mike Chang’s personal top-5 tips to burning the fat and achieving the coveted six pack… fast!

Six Pack Tip #1: Not all fats are bad fats

Believe it or not, not all fats are bad fats. If you think avoiding all fats in your diet is going to get you the quick six pack abs you want, you’re sorely (or perhaps happily) mistaken. Fats are actually a good thing – so long as you’re eating the good fats. You can probably guess most of the bad fats, such as those found in fast foods or potato chips. Good fats consist of things like coconut oil, olive oil, fats from nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.) and other natural fats like avocados. Eating good fats is extremely healthy for your body, and so long as you’re working out, there’s no limit to the calories you can intake from these fats.

Six Pack Tip #2: It takes more than a healthy diet to lose weight

I’ve heard plenty of diet gurus say that a healthy diet is the number-one key to weight loss. This simply isn’t true. There must be some sort of fitness regime involved, whether you’re trying to build muscle or not. Without exercise, a low-calorie diet can actually work against you. Mike Chang explains that dieting actually lowers your metabolism, thereby causing your body to retain more calories. It’s a proven medical fact that if you’re not taking in enough calories, your body begins holding them in reserve. This is why crash diets are so unhealthy, and why they tend to have adverse effects, resulting in the person regaining all the weight they’ve lost, and then some, way faster than the time it took to lose it. They are doing it all wrong! Diet is important, yes, but it’s more about eating good, clean, healthy foods more often, and combining it with exercise. Mike Chang openly admits to eating three times the amount of food of the average male on a daily basis, and it’s not always healthy food either. He even eats take-out pizza! Why? When working out, you need calories to keep your metabolism high, and because you’re not taking in so many bad fats, it’s the unwanted fat that is getting burned off at a high metabolic rate. How many diet/exercise plans do you know that don’t simultaneously eliminate your enjoyment of life?


Six Pack Tip #3: Cardio will not get you ripped

Cardio workouts are great in some aspects of a healthy workout, but if you’re trying to get ripped, cardio exercise is not going to get you there. Treadmills, ellipticals, they may have calorie burning benefits, but if you hear someone say “You have to do a lot of cardio to get lean”, ask them how much. In order to get the kind of results you want from cardio alone, you would have to spend 1-2 hours, 7 days a week, doing it. Cardio fitness does not raise your metabolism, and offers no afterburn effects. The moment you step off the treadmill, the effects stop. With just a few minutes of intense strength training exercises, you burn the same amount of calories, plus get the afterburn effect that keeps the fat burning off hours after you’re done.


Six Pack Tip #4: Supplements are over-rated

If you’re getting the right amount of exercise and eating the right foods with enough calories, you do not need supplements. Do they have some type of benefits? Yes, they can effectively do about 10% of your work for you. But according to Mike Chang, he’s tried them all, spending hundreds of dollars a month and the minimal effects simply aren’t worth it. For example, why take pharmaceutically fabricated protein supplements when you could get the same effect naturally from eating high protein foods like steak and nuts? Save those hundreds of dollars for things like food (remember, you’ll need extra calories to build all those sixpack ab muscles), a membership at the local gym or other life pleasures.


Six Pack Tip #5: Don’t waste money on “ab-gadgets”

Ever watch late-night television? Chances are you’ve seen some pretty impressive looking hard bodies promoting some gadget or another that supposedly gave them superior sixpack abs. They are a complete waste of money. They don’t do anything more than a standard workout that you could do on your own with absolutely no gym equipment needed. How about that product that shapes your body into a sit-up position to make them easy to perform? It takes all of the work out of it. Does that sound like an effective way to lose weight and build a sixpack? Of course not! No work means no gain, period. Perhaps you’ve seen the belly pack that you wrap around your waist and it sends electronic pulses to work your muscles, so you don’t have to work them yourself? Does the term “electro-shock therapy” mean anything to you? Let’s get real here. If you’re looking to lose weight and get sixpack abs fast without putting any real effort into it, you need to wake up, reassess your goals and maybe take a moment to read the Power of Belief in Achieving your Fitness Goals.


How to get a Six Pack Fast

Is it simple enough for you yet? Lots of calories, high metabolism exercise and no wasting money on supplements and fad gadgets. Do it the right way, and you can have sixpack abs in just 12 weeks.

Is Mike Chang Legit ?

I’m one of the most skeptical guys out there. I’ve undergone myriad fitness programs, endured insufferable diet plans, eaten nothing but cabbage-based meals for weeks at a time. None of them worked! Before I tried Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts, I was just as skeptical as anyone else out there. But instead of closing my browser or tossing my money at his website and hoping for the best, I decided to do my own research first.

It took me several days in order to become convinced to even try the 30-day trial. Now, two years later, I’m still doing the workouts, I’m still ripped and I’ve never felt better! But I don’t expect you to take my word for it. Like I said, it took me weeks to even decide that Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcut was worth investing in. I wouldn’t take anyone else’s word for it, and I don’t expect you to agree just because it worked for me, but rather for the same reasons that eventually led me to try it out.

The very first thing I looked into was real reviews from actual users. I don’t mean the testimonials found under “Success Stories” on Chang’s website. Every fitness program will boast miraculous and astonishing results from their highest performing members; it’s what they do. While every person pictured on the website is a real person who really used the program and achieved the results shown, the disclaimer itself says “these results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated clients have done”, not “average or typical results”. With this in mind, I sought out my own testimonials at online community forums.

I found a lot of people talking about Mike Chang and his multiple fitness systems, particularly his most famous Six Pack Shortcuts. I read countless comments from those who tried it and loved it, as well as a mass of critics who condemned the program, all under the same pretense that “there’s no such thing as a shortcut” in fitness or dieting. One person even said that he tried it, and that it was working for him, but he found it too boring. Perhaps he preferred spending hours in the gym each and every day. Whatever the case may be, the most interesting factor that separated the supporters from the genuine critics was that none of the adversaries to Mike Chang’s system had actually tried the program. The denigration was overwhelming, but as the saying goes, ‘don’t knock it till you try it’. The resounding conclusion to my studies was that of everyone who actually tried it, no one said that it didn’t work.

Next, I looked into Chang’s renowned “afterburn effect”, which has everything to do with how your body continues to expend calories after a workout is complete, based on the type and extent of exercise performed. As it turns out, Chang did his research too, because there have been multiple studies on the subject all proving the same thing, like this one performed in the Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, which explains how a 45-minute vigorous exercise bout increases metabolic rate for 14 hours.

I also noted that in Chang’s video, Burn Fat with the Afterburn Effect, he says that a person must train their body for at least two weeks before they can achieve afterburn results. Sounds like he’s just trying to reel me in for a few weeks before I decide to cancel and get my money back, right? Back to the research board I went, and once more found evidence proving Chang’s theory. This article in the New York Times explains how afterburn effect only works on those who exercise consistently. Dr. Glenn Kenny (professor in the School of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa) studied the subject for years, but his tests on average people showed no elevated core body temperature or metabolism soon after a workout was completed. Dr. Joseph LaFargia (Exercise Physiologist, University of South Australia) tested experienced athletes, and the results were completely different, revealing an afterburn effect of up to 7 hours.

When the research and the genuine user reviews all came back positive, I was finally convinced that there was something to this Mike Chang guy. Since then, I’ve become yet another of his countless success stories.

If you’re still uncertain as to the legitimate effectiveness of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts, feel free to follow more educational links in regards to proven healthy fitness training methods in my site.

Qi-Gong Workout Optimization

/CH?/ – Noun: The circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

/g?NG/ – Verb: Cultivation of Qi

When combining the two words, the term “Qi-Gong” translates literally to “Life Force Cultivation”. Oriental Qi-Gong has been used throughout the centuries, derived from ancient China. It is basically the art of combining meditative breathing with slow, fluid motion to produce a perfectly balanced qi, or chi, as you may be more familiar with. A balanced chi is meant to enhance a person’s health, as well as physical and psychological wellbeing.

Did you follow any of that? If not, let me try it a different way. Remember years back the first time you saw that awesome kung fu movie ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984)? And remember how sometimes ‘Mr. Miyagi’ or ‘Daniel San’ would go off on their own in a quiet place and perform what looked like martial arts, but in slow motion? It wasn’t very intense, but damn it looked cool! Chances are, you went out in your back yard and tried to imitate it. Don’t deny it – you know you did!

While that movie didn’t use any true forms of karate, actually blending a series of martial arts forms and a yoga-like version of tai chi, the effect they were going for is basically the same. Oriental qi-gong is meant to cleanse the body, create a positive mindset and, despite the deliberate slothfulness, is actually considered by many practitioners to be a good form of exercise. It’s also believed to be a form of medical healing, said to have cured myriad ailments even when doctors said there was no hope. Food for thought…

Utilization of Oriental Qi-Gong in Fitness Training

Qi-Gong’s roots can be traced as far back as 4,000 years in ancient China. Different sects believed qi-gong produced different results. For example, traditional Chinese physicians believed in its curative powers, while Confucianists deemed qi-gong enhanced a person’s longevity and promoted superior moral character. In Chinese martial arts, qi-gong is deemed to augment one’s fighting sills, as theatrically portrayed in The Karate Kid.

All forms of Oriental qi-gong are comprised of common attributes that include slow, purposeful breathing – in through the nose, out through the mouth, with long, deep, measured breaths – as well as gradual, fluid, physical motion. Although the specific sects of qi-gong are many, they are all characterized by four key groups, two of which we will specifically focus on as they are more in tune with the goal of fitness training.

The first is known as Dynamic Training, and incorporates the use of explicitly choreographed movements, each designed to be timed with cognitive breathing patterns. In dynamic training qi-gong, the speed at which you move can actually range from slow to rapid, based more on physical comfort, meditative state and, of course, your level of experience with the choreographed motions.

The second is known as Meditative Training, centered more around breathing and mental focus than movement. I know, you’re trying to get into shape, it seems like there should be some movement going on, but hear me out. Meditative training incorporates cognitive breathing, visualization and a mantra. The mantra can be extremely useful to the amplification of your own willpower, as you should already know if you’ve read my previous segment on using the Power of Belief to Achieve your Fitness Goals. If not, I suggest giving it a read.

Oriental qi-gong is an excellent way to focus your chi towards the enhancement of your fitness performance, either as a warm-up before exercising, or as a cool down method afterwards. Mike Chang’s ‘afterburn effect’ is designed to continue burning calories for many hours after a fitness session is complete. Thus by focusing your mental and physical energies on the desired effect, it can further augment each performance dramatically.

What men over 40 need to do to build muscle: Tips from Mike Chang

For most people over 40, it’s not about the body that keeps men from exercising-it’s more about the mindset!

By age 40, most men are already in a routine they find hard to get out of. They think that between work and family there is either not much time or energy for exercising, or they think their bodies are just “getting old”. These are all myths contracted by the mind and you should not abide them!

What you really need is a sense of belief in yourself and the commitment to know you have the potential to get ripped and lose weight just like anyone else. Just take a look at the number of fit people over 40. There are many and all of them use the mindset that they are young and capable. As a result, well into even their fifties they look and feel great.

Remember, you are who you believe yourself to be, so start acting like you are capable of getting into shape!

You do need to keep in mind that your muscles and body have changed over time, meaning that you are more prone to an injury than a 20 year old if you start lifting heavy weight without any natural progression beforehand. However, whatever the age may be this still applies, so take it slower in the beginning and don’t ware yourself out too fast.

There is talk about the metabolism of 40-year olds. Metabolism does change over time but it’s absolutely unreal to say that because you are over 40 there is no way for you to lose fat. There are some tips though that can help increase metabolism and keep fat burning well after your workout that will give you an edge based off research not only from Mike Chang but from many scientists as well. The secret lies in afterburn, or “EPOC”.

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which is a fancy way of describing how much your metabolism has increased after an exercise compared to a person’s resting metabolic rate. After a workout, the body is deprived of oxygen and goes into a metabolic deficit, so what happens is that after a workout the body needs to raise its metabolism to get it back to the state where it was when it started. While this is occurring fat and calories are burning and getting you those amazing six pack abs everyone wants.

In order to make the most of EPOC or the process of burning fat even if you are sitting on a couch after a workout, it is better to do more intense workouts in shorter intervals compared to longer workouts. The benefit of doing shorter more intense exercises is that your body can burn more calories due to the intensity at which the metabolism burns. In less intensive exercises spent over long periods of time, such as running 2-3 miles, the body slowly adjusts its heart rate. But in more intensive exercises the body is able to fluctuate its metabolism more and create a higher metabolic rate that carries over into your resting metabolic rate. The resting metabolic rate has to do with how many calories you burn when you are not working out, which basically means the amount you do when you are sitting on the couch.

Men over 40 also need to focus on workouts that maximize their testosterone levels during workouts, as testosterone does tend to fluctuate with age. To optimize male hormones, shorter and intensive workouts are also recommended in addition to healthier diets, increased zinc and vitamins, and even a more active sex life.

Is Mike Chang Natural?

Is Mike Chang natural?

Yes, and you know how Mike gets all his energy for going the extra mile in his workouts so that he can pack on a lot of meat? The answer is not steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs, but by naturally increasing his testosterone.

In one of Mike Chang videos it was pointed out that men on average have lost about 20% of the testosterone than what they had 20 years ago and that this can affect the amount of muscle your body is capable of putting on in addition to the amount of body fat the body is able to lose. What this means is that while you may be doing great exercises and pumping a lot of iron, the body may not be able to keep up do to low testosterone levels in the body.

Therefore the video recommends reducing your carbohydrate intake and jacking up your fat intake, which means that you should actually eat more things like steak, eggs, and hamburgers while reducing foods such as candy and chips etc. It sounds weird to want to increase your fat intake with such foods, especially because of cholesterol concerns, but it has been shown that this kind of diet can balance your ACL to LDL balance and lower your triglycerides, which in turn can bump up your testosterone and improve your overall energy. In fact, some people even see their cholesterol decrease as a result and their moods improve, so such a method is beneficial for many other reasons.

So what this means in other words is that DIET is very important, which is why Mike Chang put together such a video along with other videos on dieting. Not only do his other videos give recommendations on healthy foods, there are also ones for the right foods in order to give your body the most effective and natural ways of making the most of your workouts. But without getting off track, this video in fact points to the body’s natural composition in terms of testosterone levels and tells you what the body needs in order to naturally cure and improve itself.

In addition to dieting as a means to improve your testosterone and cut down unwanted carbs, Mike also points out other natural methods people need to take into consideration in order to bring more health and wellness to their lives and workouts-sleep and unwinding.

The Mike Chang video points out that people are sleeping less than ever and that even peoples’ overall quality of sleep has gone down. People should aim for 8 hours of sleep a night at least and make sure to turn off their computers and phones etc. before going to bed as to avoid excess disturbance as well as even excess light and radiation that is given off during the night, which can influence a person’s quality of sleep and amount of dreams produced.

Studies have also shown that light throws off the circadian rhythm in the body while radiation from electronics creates disruption in neurotransmitters in the brain. The cycle in which you operate, have energy, as well as produce muscle etc. is then thrown off, creating imbalance in the body so these steps are important.

What else is important for Mike Chang to keep his testosterone up? This will probably be the favorite among most-sex. Yes, more sex can boost testosterone levels in the same way that drinking caffeine can make people more alert, but if you are only left with your hands you may want to think about the other natural methods presented in this article.

Overall, there are many natural ways to maintain a healthy body and knowing that it is possible without the use of external substances is important.

Mike Chang fitness:The best abs workouts of Six Pack Shortcuts

Out of all the abs workouts Mike Chang offers in his videos, none seem to be more effective and popular than the routine mentioned below.

The following is a 6-minute exercise that can be divided into the following categories:

Reverse crunch 20 reps
Toe touches 20 reps
Planks 30 seconds each

Reverse crunches are good for toning your lower abs while toe touches are better for upper ones. Planks meanwhile are good for all the abs plus strengthen your core.

What is a reverse crunch? A reverse crunch is basically leg lifts. However, for these you want to make sure that your legs remained curled and dip down without touching the ground. Make sure the calves and thighs are touching, which will help the lower back from lifting up. It is very important that your back remains flat when you lay down to do this exercise because a lot of people tend to start pushing their backs up when they do these exercises, which can lead to injury. Also, make sure your hands are flat on the ground as to prevent yourself from using upper body strength to complete the exercise.

For the toe touches, remain in the same lying position you are for the reverse crunch and try to touch your toes as much as possible.

When it comes to doing planking, make sure to keep your back as straight as possible without lifting your but too high or dropping it too low.

The idea is to do the 3 exercises for 4 sets without rest. All together this will turn into about a 6-minute exercise that will make your abs burn like crazy as well as provide an excellent cardio workout as well. And what’s the best part? All of this can be done at home without any gear! However, a strong mindset and water are recommended.

Mike swears by this exercise and claims that such ones along with others featured in his DVD series are what he does on an every-other-day basis for about 5 minutes each time, or 3-4 sets. That’s right, the main Six Pack Shortcut guy can get great abs in such a short amount of time, so that means you can as well.

Remember to do the exercises to their fullest without trying to cheat through them. A lot of people will assume more is better but in most case less with correct form and emphasis on the right muscles will be way more effective than more.

These exercises will also greatly help reduce belly fat, which is just as critical in getting your abs to show than the exercises. Following your workout, we recommend eating a banana to recover, as it will help get calories for building stomach muscle while also minimizing the amount of fat your body puts on.

Why Mike Chang Makes Us Laugh

 After watching over 200 of Mike’s YouTube videos on his Six Pack Shortcuts channel, I have to say this guy is, for the most part, very serious about what he does. All of his videos are up-beat, high energy and ultimately entertaining, in a fitness minded kind of way. But every once in a while, the crew gets together and puts on some hilarious performances that have left me (and millions of others) cracking up laughing.

If you follow Mike Chang at all, you’ve surely seen his most “epic” of funny videos, the parody of Epic Meal Time. If not, you don’t want to miss that one! I’m generally the type to save the best for last, but it’s pure comedic gold, so I had to throw it right on top. Enjoy

Best – video – ever! Breasts, beef and bacon! Well, turkey bacon, since it is “healthy” meal time after all, and as Chang points out, turkey bacon does have 50% less fat. Anyway, this hilarious parody of Epic Meal Time shows you how hard core ab builders make epic meals. Hey, that’s not a meat tenderizer…

P.S. Mike admitted in a later video to downing two shots of tequila before recording this video… and it shows!

The incomparable Mike Chang parodies decades worth of fitness infomercials and gimmicky mechanisms, including the shake weight, thigh master, the step workout (that requires people to take ridiculously hard steps of about 3 inches off the ground) and who can forget the track glyders that, up to this point, haven’t been reported to cause any injuries (unlike most of the gimmicks Chang makes fun of in this sidesplitting video).

Safe Muscle Tone Techniques

Safe Muscle Tone Techniques

Muscle tone; it’s something you hear constantly in the gym. I know Mike Chang, as a personal trainer, must have heard this question at least a thousand times. How do you increase muscle tone? Ask the wrong person that most basic of questions and you might get a less than desirable response. Work out more, eat nothing but celery, wrap yourself in cellophane and do the ‘Hokey Pokey’… All of these methods could possibly produce the results you’re looking for, but perhaps the fault lies in the query. An even better question might be this:

What is the safest, most effective way to increase muscle tone?

There is a simple fact about muscle tone that, surprisingly, a lot of people don’t realize. There are only three things muscles can do. They can grow, they can shrink and they can stay the same size. Muscles themselves cannot tone. A muscle is already defined by its size, no matter what that size is. The only factor that determines whether muscle definition is visible is how much fat lies between the skin and the muscle. Thus the only way to increase muscle tone is to decrease body fat. Below we’ll discuss the safest and most effective ways to do that.

muscle tone technique

Low Intensity Cardio in the morning

For the most part, Mike Chang doesn’t believe in cardio workouts, especially low intensity ones, but there is one time when he highly recommends it. Early in the morning (or whatever time you wake up), on an empty stomach, cardio can do wonders for muscle toning. It’s the best way to burn off extra fat because there is no sugar in your system to burn. Instead, your entire cardio workout focuses on the fat that’s already in your body. A low intensity cardio workout would be anything from a normal, steady paced walk to a brisk speed walk, depending on how your body reacts.

The key to the safety of this workout is keeping it low intensity. You are working on an empty stomach, and have given your body nothing in the way of energy. Thus your body is not going to react well to a high intensity cardio workout. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you will lose body fat quicker by progressing to a higher intensity. You must keep your heart rate at a nice, normal level. The moment your heart rate gets too high, your body will stop breaking down body fat and start breaking down muscle, and we don’t want that!

To start, walk 3 times a week, 10-15 minutes a day. You can increase this to 4-5 times a week, 20 minutes at a time as your body gets used to it, so long as your heart rate stays low. You don’t need to go out and purchase a heart rate monitor, either. You will know if your heart rate is moderate if you can hold a conversation without becoming out of breath. If you do start to lose your breath, lower the intensity until your heart rate drops back down. Having someone to walk with in the morning will make it easier, so you don’t look like some crazy person talking to your ‘invisible friend’. Maybe a heart monitor isn’t such a bad idea for some…

Don’t work out every day

That’s right, you should not be working out every day if you only want to tone up your current muscles. In fact, even those who are trying to bulk up should be careful not to work out the same muscle groups on a daily basis. Most muscle groups should only be attended to twice a week, at most. Only the abs and calf muscles can be worked daily without adverse effects (i.e. burning off muscle).

Muscles grow during the rest period, not during exertion. If you were to do deadlifts or presses every single day, you would actually burn more muscle than you would develop. That rule applies to toning up the same as it does bulking up.

Utilize the ‘Afterburn Effect’

The “Afterburn Effect�? is a proven technique that causes the body to continue burning calories for 24 hours or more after you’ve finished working out. During a normal 45-60 minute workout, your heart rate jumps, your body temperature is high and you’re burning calories like diesel fuel at a tractor pull. But the moment you stop working out, the heart rate drops, the core body temp lowers and the benefits of your workout cease completely. Unless your day job has you constantly moving, that leaves 23 more hours in the day to burn nothing…

If your just starting to work out, it will take about two weeks to build yourself up to a point where the afterburn effect will actually kick in. So for two weeks, you need to be doing exercises that incorporate the most muscle groups at one time (i.e. bench presses, which incorporate 3 muscle groups, instead of cable pulls, which use only the chest muscle group bulk up your pecks). Keep your rest time between reps at 60-90 seconds and workout consistently 4-6 times a week. After two weeks, lower your reps and increase the weights you’re lifting, decrease rest time to about 20-30 seconds and increase to 6-8 sets. You can learn a lot more about the Afterburn Effect, how and why it works, by reading my other page, Mike Chang Fitness: Fake or Real, wherein I conduct my own study on the true nature and results of the afterburn effect.