Just who is this Mike Chang guy; this superior specimen of masculine ingenuity? No, he’s not a model, or a steroid junkie. He’s the “Six Pack Abs Coach” that everyone who visits YouTube is talking about these days. Before I go on, please take note of the following caveat…

Warning: If you landed on this Mike Chang Bio page in hopes of reading about some melodious fictional character from the American television series “Glee”, you’re in the wrong place. You may leave now. Thank you… Unless you’d like six pack abs, in which case you’re welcome to forgot about Glee and continue reading.

Now where was I? Oh yes, Mike Chang, the fitness guru that boasts six pack abs in 3 minutes; creator of the “afterburn effect” that makes training so much easier than any program before; the founder of the number one workout video channel on all of YouTube. You probably knew that much about him already, but here’s a little back story on Mike Chang.

Chang was your typical, out of shape young man, overlooked by the ladies, snubbed by the jocks. Self-confidence wasn’t easy to come by, but fad diets and exercise programs were a dime a dozen. Growing up in Houston, Texas, all he ever wanted was the same thing all men dream of – sharp, chiseled, six pack abs. Every man wants them, and every woman wants to touch them (I’m generalizing here, don’t throw statistics at me.)

Mike Chang was that stereotypical out-of-shape guy. The sagging gut, the bat-wing arms, the only real line of definition being the separation between his lower and upper lip as the next handful of poutine makes its way down the hatch. Chang tried all of the tricks in the book; the so-called get ripped quick videos, the celebrity diets and workouts, hour after hour on the treadmill, nothing was working. They were just fad programs that talked the talk, but got suspiciously quiet when it came to results.

Instead of giving up or looking for the next big fad, Chang decided to find out why these programs weren’t working, omit the defective measures and insert criteria that actually achieved results. Around 2005-06, he began researching dietary needs and the inner workings of the human body, all while seeking knowledge from several mentors, including a personal trainer named Zach who had worked with various celebrities.

Before long, Mike had taken a whole new approach to dieting, exercise and life in general. He lost the fat, gained muscle definition and the long-sought six pack he had always yearned for. The women took notice, and Chang’s confidence was through the roof. Mike received his universally renowned ISSA Personal Trainer Certification and became a full-time personal trainer.

It wasn’t long before Mike Chang found his niche – you guessed it – ab training. He was becoming rather famous in his neck of the woods, known locally as the ‘Six Pack Abs Coach’. Chang continued to hone his system as hundreds of guys trained under him to achieve the same chiseled abdominal physique. Eventually, one of his personal clients named Dan suggested that Mike put his program online so that others could experience the same quick results. Together, Mike and Dan came up with the name “Six Pack Shortcut”, due to the workout’s rapidity of results.

Chang posted his first video on YouTube in March of 2010 (co-starring his good buddy Dan), and the response has been absolutely phenomenal. Chang now boasts multiple YouTube channels, hundreds of videos and just broke the “2 million subscribers” mark (across all channels). His Six Pack Shortcuts Channel alone draws 1.68 million of those subscribers with 222 million views and counting.

Along with his phenomenally popular, and generally hilarious YouTube videos, Mike Chang offers three products; his “Six Pack Shortcut” fitness program, which focuses on the loss of belly fat and production of six pack abs, his “Insane Home Fat Loss” system, designed to burn fat at hyper-speed, and his “Monster Mass” workout, created or those who are willing to endure short but intense workouts for quick, extreme muscle definition.