Why Mike Chang Makes Us Laugh

 After watching over 200 of Mike’s YouTube videos on his Six Pack Shortcuts channel, I have to say this guy is, for the most part, very serious about what he does. All of his videos are up-beat, high energy and ultimately entertaining, in a fitness minded kind of way. But every once in a while, the crew gets together and puts on some hilarious performances that have left me (and millions of others) cracking up laughing.

If you follow Mike Chang at all, you’ve surely seen his most “epic” of funny videos, the parody of Epic Meal Time. If not, you don’t want to miss that one! I’m generally the type to save the best for last, but it’s pure comedic gold, so I had to throw it right on top. Enjoy

Best – video – ever! Breasts, beef and bacon! Well, turkey bacon, since it is “healthy” meal time after all, and as Chang points out, turkey bacon does have 50% less fat. Anyway, this hilarious parody of Epic Meal Time shows you how hard core ab builders make epic meals. Hey, that’s not a meat tenderizer…

P.S. Mike admitted in a later video to downing two shots of tequila before recording this video… and it shows!

The incomparable Mike Chang parodies decades worth of fitness infomercials and gimmicky mechanisms, including the shake weight, thigh master, the step workout (that requires people to take ridiculously hard steps of about 3 inches off the ground) and who can forget the track glyders that, up to this point, haven’t been reported to cause any injuries (unlike most of the gimmicks Chang makes fun of in this sidesplitting video).