Is Mike Chang Natural?

Is Mike Chang natural?

Yes, and you know how Mike gets all his energy for going the extra mile in his workouts so that he can pack on a lot of meat? The answer is not steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs, but by naturally increasing his testosterone.

In one of Mike Chang videos it was pointed out that men on average have lost about 20% of the testosterone than what they had 20 years ago and that this can affect the amount of muscle your body is capable of putting on in addition to the amount of body fat the body is able to lose. What this means is that while you may be doing great exercises and pumping a lot of iron, the body may not be able to keep up do to low testosterone levels in the body.

Therefore the video recommends reducing your carbohydrate intake and jacking up your fat intake, which means that you should actually eat more things like steak, eggs, and hamburgers while reducing foods such as candy and chips etc. It sounds weird to want to increase your fat intake with such foods, especially because of cholesterol concerns, but it has been shown that this kind of diet can balance your ACL to LDL balance and lower your triglycerides, which in turn can bump up your testosterone and improve your overall energy. In fact, some people even see their cholesterol decrease as a result and their moods improve, so such a method is beneficial for many other reasons.

So what this means in other words is that DIET is very important, which is why Mike Chang put together such a video along with other videos on dieting. Not only do his other videos give recommendations on healthy foods, there are also ones for the right foods in order to give your body the most effective and natural ways of making the most of your workouts. But without getting off track, this video in fact points to the body’s natural composition in terms of testosterone levels and tells you what the body needs in order to naturally cure and improve itself.

In addition to dieting as a means to improve your testosterone and cut down unwanted carbs, Mike also points out other natural methods people need to take into consideration in order to bring more health and wellness to their lives and workouts-sleep and unwinding.

The Mike Chang video points out that people are sleeping less than ever and that even peoples’ overall quality of sleep has gone down. People should aim for 8 hours of sleep a night at least and make sure to turn off their computers and phones etc. before going to bed as to avoid excess disturbance as well as even excess light and radiation that is given off during the night, which can influence a person’s quality of sleep and amount of dreams produced.

Studies have also shown that light throws off the circadian rhythm in the body while radiation from electronics creates disruption in neurotransmitters in the brain. The cycle in which you operate, have energy, as well as produce muscle etc. is then thrown off, creating imbalance in the body so these steps are important.

What else is important for Mike Chang to keep his testosterone up? This will probably be the favorite among most-sex. Yes, more sex can boost testosterone levels in the same way that drinking caffeine can make people more alert, but if you are only left with your hands you may want to think about the other natural methods presented in this article.

Overall, there are many natural ways to maintain a healthy body and knowing that it is possible without the use of external substances is important.