Mike Chang fitness:The best abs workouts of Six Pack Shortcuts

Out of all the abs workouts Mike Chang offers in his videos, none seem to be more effective and popular than the routine mentioned below.

The following is a 6-minute exercise that can be divided into the following categories:

Reverse crunch 20 reps
Toe touches 20 reps
Planks 30 seconds each

Reverse crunches are good for toning your lower abs while toe touches are better for upper ones. Planks meanwhile are good for all the abs plus strengthen your core.

What is a reverse crunch? A reverse crunch is basically leg lifts. However, for these you want to make sure that your legs remained curled and dip down without touching the ground. Make sure the calves and thighs are touching, which will help the lower back from lifting up. It is very important that your back remains flat when you lay down to do this exercise because a lot of people tend to start pushing their backs up when they do these exercises, which can lead to injury. Also, make sure your hands are flat on the ground as to prevent yourself from using upper body strength to complete the exercise.

For the toe touches, remain in the same lying position you are for the reverse crunch and try to touch your toes as much as possible.

When it comes to doing planking, make sure to keep your back as straight as possible without lifting your but too high or dropping it too low.

The idea is to do the 3 exercises for 4 sets without rest. All together this will turn into about a 6-minute exercise that will make your abs burn like crazy as well as provide an excellent cardio workout as well. And what’s the best part? All of this can be done at home without any gear! However, a strong mindset and water are recommended.

Mike swears by this exercise and claims that such ones along with others featured in his DVD series are what he does on an every-other-day basis for about 5 minutes each time, or 3-4 sets. That’s right, the main Six Pack Shortcut guy can get great abs in such a short amount of time, so that means you can as well.

Remember to do the exercises to their fullest without trying to cheat through them. A lot of people will assume more is better but in most case less with correct form and emphasis on the right muscles will be way more effective than more.

These exercises will also greatly help reduce belly fat, which is just as critical in getting your abs to show than the exercises. Following your workout, we recommend eating a banana to recover, as it will help get calories for building stomach muscle while also minimizing the amount of fat your body puts on.